1981 Fixation (RCA)

1983 Special Pain (RCA)

1984 Contain Yourself (RCA)

1990 Flying Colors (RCA)

1993 Orrall and Wright (Giant)

1997 Mistakes (Plastic 350 re-issue 2010)

2004 Plastic 350 [as Monkey Bowl] (Infinity Cat) BUY

2004 Something Jones [as Bob Something from Monkey Bowl] (Infinity Cat) BUY

2005 Lowe Profile [as Monkey Bowl] (Brewery)

2005 Steffle Flanders [with the Steffle and Flanders families, and Leon Russell] (Infinity Cat)

2006 Art Circus [as Arthur Circus] (Infinity Cat) BUY

2008 Ultimate [as Monkey Bowl] (Infinity Cat) BUY

2008 The Book Of Lies (Victor/Sony BMG)

2010 Gravity/Mistakes (Plastic 350) BUY

coming next: Space [as Monkey Bowl] (Plastic 350)